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NEW- When you arrive -NEW

Please take the time to read about our changes before you arrive for your booking.


  • Carpark access – There is now a barrier on the main entrance to the carpark. You’ll need to input a code to gain access through the barrier, this code will be on your booking confirmation email.
  • When you arrive on site, please report to Ainsdale 3G’s NEW operating area to sign in and make payment for your booking. This is located opposite the pitches NOT at the clubhouse bar as previous
  1. You must pay in full before your hire time. Please arrive in plenty of time to make your payment.
  2. Only one person from your team should make payment – All other team members are to remain outside and should follow the latest government guidance on social distancing.
  3. We now accept card payments. Contactless payments are available and preferable, although, cash is perfectly fine. Please pay with notes only. We will not be accepting coins at this time.
  4. Do not enter the pitches unless you have paid in full.
  5. Please do not gather around the pitch entrances. Use the designated waiting area. Allow the team who are exiting plenty of room to leave the pitch before you enter.
  6. Once play has ended please ensure that you follow the governments’ guidance on social distancing
  7. Please use the sanitizer provided at the entrance before and after play.
  8. Upon exiting please remove all of your rubbish and place it in the bins provided.
  9. The changing rooms will be closed for now.

This is new for all of us and we’re all adapting during these unusual times, so we kindly ask that you’re patient and considerate of others whilst at the club especially in the initial few days of opening as we’ll be monitoring our new procedures making adjustments where necessary.

We are contactable by email, so if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank You for helping us

Ainsdale 3G team