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To book pitches please call the booking line on 07527 044 307

All we need is your name, email address and contact telephone number.

Alternatively if you have a non urgent enquiry, please contact us on:

Ainsdale 3G

Operations Manual
Noise Control
Conditions of Hire

1. All hirers agree to be responsible and supervise all persons within their party during the hire period.

2. All hirers and persons under their supervision, must at all times conduct themselves in a manner calculated not to cause unreasonable noise nuisance or inconvenience to other customers, staff or nearby residents.

Examples of noise nuisance include; this list is not exhaustive.

Unnecessary noise,

Use of whistles, horns etc.

Offensive or foul language

Shouting or clapping

Repeatedly kicking ball against fencing

Repeatedly bouncing a ball

Audio equipment

3. Advice and instructions of Ainsdale 3G staff must be strictly adhered to at all times during the hire period.

4. Ainsdale 3G or persons authorised by Ainsdale 3G shall have the right to suspend or take action at their discretion on any matter which, in the opinion of the staff member, does not comply with these terms and conditions, or condition which they consider necessary in the interests of safety and good order or to deal with if such a contingency is not covered by these Conditions of Hire.

4. Ainsdale 3G or persons authorised by Ainsdale 3G have the right to cancel or call a stop to any activities or actions that may in their view cause or be classed as unacceptable noise, nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to other customers or local residents. This action may also result in suspension, exclusion and or cancellation of further bookings without refund.

5. Right to suspend, exclude or cancel – Ainsdale 3G or persons authorised by Ainsdale 3G reserves the right to suspend, exclude or cancel any person or persons from their premises for such period as it shall decide, at their absolute discretion.

Amendments to Conditions

Ainsdale 3G or persons authorised by Ainsdale 3G reserves the right to amend or add to these conditions of hire at any time.

Upon hire, you the hirer agree to adhere to the conditions, as set out above.